C’mon, get into the Christmas spirit and take on board our tips for decorating your house and yard with lights.

Bah!Humbug! It is not too late to get into the Christmas spirit. Whether you’re new to the art of decorating with Christmas lights or have a few years under your belt, keeping a few things in mind when putting up the lights can make things easier in the long run.

Here are bmag‘s tips for a stress-free light-up Christmas…

Plan how you want the final product to look – and where all your power boards will go. This will save any crossed wire dilemmas.

Make sure all outdoor electrical connections are weatherproof – if they’re not, purchase some weatherproofing accessories. Lights used outdoors should be specifically designed for this purpose.

Check and test your lights before use – look for any bulbs that need replacing before hanging to save time and effort, and if the wires are punctured or cut in any way, do not use them.

Consider the impact to your power bill – and your neighbourhood relations. Invest in a lighting timer to switch them off at a reasonable hour even when you’re not at home so the street isn’t constantly drenched in flashing light. This will help manage the extra drain on your wallet too.

Using multiple high-powered lamps may overload your electric circuits – when using multiple sets be sure to plug them into a power board fitted with overload protection, and using double adaptors or piggy back plugs is not recommended. Also be sure that your extension leads are fully unwound to stop overheating. Don’t send your home from lit-up to black-out!

Use the lights to highlight the focal points of your house – and use the lines of the roof, fences, and trees to help structure your decorations.

Decorate with a buddy – or several. Climbing up a ladder or across a roof can be dangerous at the best of times, so make sure you have assistance and support (and always watch out for overhead power lines!). This can be a great family activity – get the kids involved with the creative process and encourage them to follow through and help with the execution.

Make sure your new decorations have an approval number or a regulatory compliance logo – this indicates compliance with Australian standards and are usually found on the lights or printed on the packaging.

If you’re really ambitious, try timing your lights to music – it’s a new trend that makes for spectacular viewing and something a bit out of the ordinary. Other great ideas include playing carols, audience participation, or having a charity collection box to really encourage the giving spirit at Christmas.

Whatever your plans for decorating this Christmas, remember to stay safe and enjoy the process, as it can be stressful and time-consuming. If you’re new to light decorating, start small and build each year to avoid being overwhelmed.

What are your decorating plans this year? Going all out or Grinching-out? Let us know!