Jamie Durie has a challenge for us all … he is suggesting you eat your garden and his new book will tell you how to do it.

This is your challenge from leading landscape designer and garden guru, Jamie Durie, if you choose to accept it:

“Slowly but surely over a one year period convert all your ornamental plants into edible plants, and create a beautifully designed garden that you live in, look at, that’s good enough to eat,” Durie says.

That’s it then, put your bmag down and get to it! But seriously don’t panic because Durie’s new project is a visually inviting book titled Edible Garden Design that is piled with information and won’t disappoint.

After meeting Jamie Durie, it’s not hard to see why this Australian has achieved great success both locally and internationally with companies both here and in L.A, a new organic skincare line and now his new book.

But it is after 14 years in the business of all things garden design that Jamie believes he is witnessing the biggest change sweeping the nation – the new ‘green’ attitude.

“I think we are all in the age of awareness, and the Dalai Lama said this to me about five years ago. We are becoming far more conscience about the environment…I think we as a nation are starting to become more sustainable,” he says.

Challenged to write this book because he believes vegetable gardens were getting a bad rap, and inspired by his Mother, Joy, and fellow garden design guru and author Paul Bangay, Durie puts the vegetable garden into perspective.

“Vegetables gardens had got a bit of a bad name, and I think it was seen as a bit of a granny sport but it’s so much more than that,” he says. “We hit on all the subjects that are relevant in the food industry today … we pull bits out of those so that you can learn very quickly what they have learnt in decades and apply those theories to your own garden.”

Durie recommends that Brisbane residents should plant Lemongrass, basil, shallots and a new potato onion this summer season and reap the rewards.

“My favourite dish is pesto; basil grows really well here in Queensland.”

Durie suggests designing your garden around your menu and encourages parents to allow their kids to become involved in their edible garden.

“One of the fastest ways to get kids engaged in the garden is too teach them where food comes from, and allow them to provide food for the family table, an immense feeling of self-esteem, pride and knowledge comes from that.”

Durie has also just released an innovative vertical garden blanket available at K-mart, that can turn the tightest space into a fully fledged garden.

“It’s good-bye fence, hello vertical garden, hello vegetable garden,” he says.

To get your hands on Edible Garden Design head to Durie’s website www.jamiedurie.com and let the growing begin!