With the clean-eating craze so popular in Brisbane, it’s no surprise edible gardening has become this Summer’s hot gardening trend.

Already garden centre, Eden Gardens have recorded a 50% increase in the purchase of edible gardening produce since the start of Spring, including chillis, tomatoes, basil, strawberries and blueberries.

Horticulturalist, David Barker says when you grow your own produce you have the comfort of knowing exactly what has gone into the growing process

“Anyone who grows their own food will tell you, food grown in your own backyard is more flavoursome, wholesome and cheaper than what is sold at the supermarket,” he says.

Celebrities have also touted the benefits of their own edible gardens at home, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Depp, Jamie Oliver and Michelle Obama.

Eden Gardens has developed a list of tips to help edible garden flourish during this upcoming warm season in Queensland.

Top Tips and Hints for Edible Gardens:

1. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to be planting rosemary, basil, tomato, lettuce mix, zucchini, blueberries, figs and strawberries. All perfect for hot lunches and dinners!
2. Plant Leptoseermun Mozzie Blocker- it will be your best friend. It will repel mosquitoes from you and your produce
3. Include edible flowers in your garden for something different including Violas, Marigold and Nasturtiums. These can all be added to salads, stir frys or herbal teas
4. Soil is important for all gardens ,the best soil should be free-draining, rich in organic matter, pH 6 to 7 and moisture absorbent
5. Plant in a space that has direct sunlight for eight hours and easy access to water
6. Control the planting of strawberries and mint in individual containers as these can spread throughout the garden and invade the space of other produce. Also tomatoes ripen sooner if grown independently
7. Consider planting edible produce in old products such as bathtubs and wheel barrows with holes at the bottom for drainage. Looks great and reuses unused items

Have you started an edible garden or have plans to?