Award-winning garden centre, Eden Gardens has confirmed vertical gardens as the hot gardening trend this spring/summer season.

Since the start of spring, the purchase of vertical garden products including VersiWall GP, Terracotta and herb pots have recorded huge increases at the centre.

As the name suggests, this space efficient gardening trend allows for beautiful gardens to be planted against walls, on balconies, within small courtyards or apartment style living areas.

Plants absorb and reduce pollutants in the air, and a vertical garden, whether indoors or outdoors improves air quality and ‘cools’ the space, reducing the energy required to keep the house at a comfortable temperature during warmer months.

This gardening trend has sparked interest globally, with the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, CaixaForum in Madrid, and SmogShoppe Culver City in California feature stunning vertical gardens.

Australia is ahead of the trend, with the tallest vertical garden in the world currently being constructed at Sydney’s One Central Park Tower, due for completion in late 2013.

Eden Gardens provides the following tips to help vertical gardens flourish.

Your vertical garden:

Climbers and creepers – Climber and creeper plants are commonly referred to as ‘vines,’ and use other plants or human-made structures for support. By leaning a ladder or erecting chicken wire against a wall, climber and creeper plants can easily be guided to grow up the wall to create a vibrant vertical display, providing shade and privacy.

Trailing plants – Trailing plants spill or cascade down the sides of the pot or planter box they’re in. A combination of trailing plants and non-trailing plants such as climbers and creepers can make for a very dynamic wall.

Pot plant walls and wall pockets (like a VersiWall*) – A vertical garden can come together as easily as setting up a few shelves across the surface of a wall and placing pot plants on the shelves. Similarly, for a more integrated appearance, wall pockets can be attached to the wall itself.

*Eden Gardens’ VersiWall is ideal for growing herbs and seedlings and includes:
• Vertical trays that are simple to hook on panels, allowing for space and density options.
• Easy watering system with drainage options.