Queenslanders are aware of the devastating wildfires sweeping through New South Wales and are urged to be vigilant on their properties.

Warm and dry conditions coupled with strong winds have become a breeding ground for deadly fires and while nature can’t be tamed, the public can protect and prepare their home and garden for bushfire season.

The bush is on the doorstep to many cities and towns in Australia and it’s not only rural property owners that should be creating a safe environment in case of a wild fire.

The largest producer of outdoor power products Husqvarna Group has a range of tools and tips for homeowners to do a spring clean of their yard to prepare for the bushfire season.

1. Be aware of the types of trees and foliage surrounding your home.
2. Trim trees to just above gutter height or at least three metres, with trees ideally being five metres from the house.
3. Keep grass short and gardens maintained.
4. Clean the gutters, roof and downpipes of leaves regularly.
5. Chip dead branches and dispose of garden waste.
6. Make sure wood piles and chips are stored away from the house.
7. Trees and shrubs with low oil content are less likely to ignite.
8. Ensure garden hoses are long enough to reach around the house perimeter. 

Remember to call 000 in an emergency and keep the number of your local fire brigade close to hand.