Queensland’s climate allows for raised garden that require less maintenance as the garden beds warm quicker.

If you’re limited by space or have a lack of healthy soil, raised garden beds are an easy D.I.Y project that are convenient space savers that will add style to your outdoor decor.

You can plant a vegetable or herb garden within a sunny area or flowers in a darker shadier area, where a larger variety of flowers can thrive. It’s best to check what type of plant you are interested in planting within your raised garden bed to determine the best location.

Bunnings National Landscape Buyer Trent Emmins provides his quick and easy tips on how to build a raised garden bed at home, starting with the right tools:   Hammer, cardboard, screws, soil, tape measure and timber:

1. Determine the size and shape of your raised garden bed. The standard size requires little maintenance at four feet wide and 12 inches deep

2. Construct the frame with timber, and fill the bottom of the frame with a weed mat (alternatively dampened cardboard reduces the risk of weeds growing) to separate the existing soil in the ground from the fresh compost and dirt you add.

3. Spread compost over the top of the raised garden bed to keep it fresh and healthy.

If you want to skip the construction process, Bunnings also has ready-to-assemble raised garden beds(pictured) to help get you started.