Looking for a different weekend getaway? I flew Business on the A380’s inagurual flight from Brisbane to Auckland and my initial reaction was ‘That’s it! I’m never flying economy again’.

We waited in the Emirates lounge for the A380 to grace us with its presence in October and when it arrived it didn’t disappoint – water guns sprayed the massive plane in a celebratory salute.

In a first for Brisbane, Emirates’ lounge guests can board the plane straight from the lounge. No need to socialise or walk with the rest of the general public, you can wave and look down at the commoners and bypass the lines and screaming children. And that was only the beginning of what felt like a royal treatment trip to New Zealand.

When stepping foot onto the plane the walls aren’t as curved as regular planes, it just seems like a large room and you don’t feel cramped at all.

We had our own pursers who offer food, wine, French champagne… and of course I respond “Oh alright, it would be rude not to.” Soon we’re in the air and the noise is so quiet, you really forget you’re even on a plane – it just feels like a mini hotel.

And this hotel in the sky has a spa room in First Class, equipped with two bathrooms that are much bigger than most bathrooms in normal homes, with a toilet, a full size shower and all the toiletries you can imagine. And did I mention orchards? No? Well there’s plenty of beautiful orchards to create a relaxed rainforest feel.

Just outside these bathrooms is a little foyer with a fountain. Yes, a fountain with actual water cascading down, with flowers – it’s ridiculous! We’re told that’s where they serve juices and tea depending on the time of day.

And for those who needed something stronger than tea or juice, the bar area was constantly serving top-shelf booze.. as soon as the seatbelt sign was off everyone made a beeline for it and it became very social. No need to worry about the seatbelt sign coming on – there are seats at the bar to harness yourself in, so you don’t spill that precious champagne!

Flying back again the same day everything went perfectly, the plane was smooth and quiet and the staff were wonderful. The beauty of flying on the A380 in Business or First Class is if you want to be social you can hang around at the bar, stretch you legs and meet new people or spend time with mates. This usually isn’t associated with Business or First Class as you’re not sitting in close proximity to people like in Economy.

Queensland’s first A380 service is expected to bring up to an additional 188,000 visitors to Queensland and generate approximately $23 million for the Queensland economy.

And though my initial reaction was ‘Economy? Pfft never again,’ I sadly have to swallow those words after planning another trip to New Zealand with my husband and child in Economy and going from one extreme to the other I wonder how I’m going to cope! I’m going to have to drug my baby… no, no, I’m completely kidding!

Are you excited to fly on the A380? If you have flown first or business class before, what’s your favourite aspect of the flight experience?