Does anyone know where we can find a warp pipe to Japan?

Super Nintendo World, the Nintendo-themed expansion of Universal Studios Japan, doesn’t open until 2020 — but they’ve already started advertising it.

The park just held a special event to announce the first official details about the attraction, which had been cloaked in secrecy until now.

Executives from Nintendo and Universal appeared on a stage based on Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom to announce that, as speculated, Super Nintendo World’s signature ride will be based on the wildly popular Mario Kart games.

This would explain, then, why Nintendo moved to shut down a business offering real-life Mario Kart rides in Tokyo earlier this year.

The executives reportedly promised that the Mario Kart ride will be powered by “the world’s most advanced tech”.

Late last year, patent documents were leaked that seemed to confirm that the Mario Kart attraction would be a two-person ride, with one rider steering, and the other operating the boosts and weapons used to slow down other vehicles (like the dreaded Blue Shell).

A patent also leaked for a rollercoaster ride that would look like it was running along a track, but would actually be operated by a mechanical arm, allowing it to leap over holes in the tracks — just like the mine cart sequence in Donkey Kong Country.

Super Nintendo World will also feature “two layers of attractions, shops and restaurants”, and will feature recreations of Bowser’s Castle and Peach’s Castle.

The park is still well and truly under construction, but Universal Studios Japan have just released this 30-second ad. Watch it now and start dreaming of 2020!