PortAventura World in Spain has opened its newest expansion, and it’s a revhead’s dream.

Red Force, the signature ride at the newly opened Ferrari Land, is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Europe, standing at 112 metres tall and accelerating from zero to 180 kilometres per hour in just five seconds.

Here’s what it looks like from the passenger’s point of view.

In keeping with the Ferrari theme, the park recreates the feel of a Renaissance Italian town, complete with ornate buildings and a bell tower (admittedly, the giant red roller coaster does look somewhat out of place in that setting).

Ferrari Land is also home to the Ferrari Experience building, where you’ll find two simulator rides, Flying Dreams and Racing Legends, both of which feature an opening spiel delivered by the ghostly visage of Enzo Ferrari. You’ll also find a brief exhibition showcasing the rich history of the company here.

You’ll also find small attractions for children, street entertainment, and an elegant Italian restaurant (Trattoria Cavallino) at Ferrari Land, but the main attraction is definitely Red Force.

Ferrari Land

Alas, the roller coaster has already gone viral, after a bird wrapped itself around a rider’s neck, bringing to mind Fabio’s close encounter with a bird at Busch Garden’s in Virginia. Luckily, the rider walked away without any serious injuries.

If you’re keen to try the experience for yourself, visit portaventuraworld.com for more info.