The Japanese city of Beppu is attempting to open a spa-musement park, including an onsen roller coaster.

If you’ve spent any time in Japan, you’ll known that it’s filled with thousands of hot springs, known as onsen.

As well as being a hit with the locals, the onsen are a major tourism draw, as spa resort regions tend to spring up around them.

Beppu, located on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, has 2,000 onsen and the world’s highest yield of hot spring water. It’s a popular tourist attraction already, but now they’re looking to step things up a notch.

The mayor of Beppu wants to open a spa-themed amusement park, and we’re rooting for him to succeed.

The promotional video needs to be seen to believed — more than 12 tonnes of spring water were transported into Beppu’s Rakutenchi amusement park to simulate the look of the onsen theme park, and 150 extras were required to dress up in towels and act like riding an onsen carousel is a totally normal thing to do.

Like what you see? Well, the good news is that just by viewing the video, you’ve helped make it a reality. As soon as the video hits one million views, the city of Beppu will begin working on the park.

So if you want to ride an onsen roller coaster sooner rather than later, you better spread the word…

[Via RocketNews 24]