Love Kit Kats? Looking for a ridiculous reason to go on holiday? Tokyo’s new Kit Kat Museum has got you covered.

The Kit Kat Museum is, sadly, only open until the end of the week, so you’ll basically need to drop everything and haul yourself to Tokyo immediately to have any chance of seeing it.

But really, if anything is going to make you walk out on your work and family commitments with no notice and even less explanation, it’s a Kit Kat Museum.

Crazy Kit Kat varieties are a highlight of any trip to Japan, as just about every region of Japan has its own seasonal flavours and special offerings, and it’s almost impossible to catch ’em all.

Japanese publication RocketNews 24 reports that this exhibition marks the first time Nestlé Japan has offered all the varieties of Kit Kats currently on the market in the one place at the one time.

A number of classic Kit Kats (that you probably shouldn’t try to eat) are also on display.

It’s timed to celebrate the release of the ‘Everyday Luxury Kit Kat’, which contains a blend of almonds and cranberries and is inspired by the Kit Kat Chocolatory’s famous (in Japan, anyway) Moleson creation.

Just take a look at these images from the Japanese publication The Fashion Press, who were lucky enough to visit these hallowed grounds.

The Kit Kat Museum is located at Nescafé Harajuku (on the same street as Harajuku Station), and will only be open until this Sunday 25 September.

Go on — have a break. Have a Kit Kat.