As the year moves into its second month, work starts to pick up and the stresses of reality come flooding back in. As a result, your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions may have been put on the back burner – for next year. In a case like this, what you need is an escape from reality, a place to find yourself again and get back on track and we’ve got just the thing!

Unwind, get back into shape and escape from the stresses of reality on a once-in-a-lifetime wellness and healing holiday, that will truly transform you.

Candace Warner from Gypsian Boutique Tours has given us her top 5 wellness and healing destinations in the Mediterranean – places that’ll help you clear your mind, nourish your body and soul and get you back on track!

Sahara Desert, Morocco

If you are in need of a bit of a recharge, a desert encampment in the Sahara Desert will have you feeling serene in no time at all!

Welcome the day by reconnecting with your inner yogi for a sunrise yoga class overlooking the golden sand dunes of the Sahara. Then spend your night beneath the stars taste-testing authentic Moroccan cuisine while listening to local storytellers.

And, the best part?

There’s absolutely no phone reception which means you have no choice but to switch off and relax.

Insider tip: Take some time out to really explore the scenery of the Sahara atop a camel. With nothing but vast blue skies and golden sands ahead, the sound of camel footsteps on the soft sand beneath you will be all you’ll hear.

Marrakech, Morocco

If being outdoors in the desert doesn’t really do it for you, maybe an exotic spa experience will?

Marrakech is the ultimate in exotic spa experiences. Think steam rooms glittering with arabesque tile-work, luxuriant massages to the soft sound of fountains and sumptuous treatments of argon oil for your skin and hair.

If you’re craving some pampering in your wellness travels Marrakech is the perfect destination.

Insider tip: For a truly authentic Moroccan experience, take a trip just outside the city to an organic farm for an authentic Moroccan cuisine cooking class. There’s no better way to heal the soul than with great food!

Kabak, Turkish Coast

Long valued by those in the know as a little slice of heaven, Kabak boasts crystal clear waters, pine-clad forests and the seclusion you’re seeking to get back to nature.

Yoga, nature hikes and an emphasis on organic food – what more could you ask for? Kabak is the perfect place to recharge for yogis, campers and hiking enthusiasts who are constantly craving a little adventure.

Insider tip: Kabak Bay has been deemed as one of Turkey’s most picturesque hidden beaches. Here you’ll find locals basking in the sun and tranquillity of this remote region, where life passes at a slower pace and relaxation is inevitable.

Dalmatia, Croatia

Sporting one of the most dramatic shorelines in Europe, the Dalmatian Coast is the perfect place for those whose idea of wellness involves being a little active.

Dalmatia is home to great yoga and wellness retreats and if you want to challenge yourself you can even try their famous stand-up-paddleboard yoga.

Insider tip: Make sure you spend a couple of days in Dubrovnik on the way to Dalmatia! From spa retreats to daily sporting activities, the region is known for its wide range of activities. The stunning beach-front is a paradise for healing and relaxation, where peace meets beauty and city life seems but a distant memory.

Cappadocia, Turkey

There’s nothing more self-soothing than a hot air balloon ride through one of the world’s most magical geological wonderlands. This experience in Cappadocia is a true escape from reality and a step into what looks like a whimsical fairy-tale.

Start your day with sunrise yoga overlooking the marshmallow rock formations, before exploring the lunar-like landscapes by foot, discovering secret Byzantine churches and delicious, heart-warming, home-cooked fare to devour, before retiring to a beautiful cave for the night – many have been refurbished into hotels for a truly unique overnight experience among the hills!

Insider tip: For some serious R&R, avoid the well trotted tourist track and visit the epitome of Cappadocia’s rustic agricultural soul, Ortahisar. This will drop you right in the heart of this spectacular region and will give you a true taste of how the locals really live.

Whether you’re looking to make a significant life change, treat yourself to some pampering or you’re merely wanting to switch off and undertake a digital detox, these 5 holiday destinations will put you back on track and help you find yourself once again!

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