It can be hard to stick to a regular beauty routine when you’re at home, let alone while you’re gallivanting across the globe, discovering new corners of the world you love.

It’s at times like these, and when you’re jammed into economy for 14 hours, that your beauty routine needs to be practical, easy and effective. Here are a few beauty tips and tricks for travel-lovers, to help you look and feel your best while travelling the world.

Avoid lipstick

Avoid using long-lasting lipsticks on long flights as they can dehydrate and parch your lips. Instead, use a lip-stain for longer lasting colour and top it off with a clear, nourishing lip balm over the top. Reapply the lip balm during the flight for fresh lips.


The night before you fly, apply a decent layer of thick moisturiser. It will increase your skin’s hydration and is a pro-active way to battle your skin drying out during the flight. Remember, it’s also really important to drink lots of water while you fly.

Beat the carry-on limits

Instead of losing your favourite shampoo or perfume to liquid restrictions on flights, go solid! You can pick up solid bars of shampoo and solid perfume from some large-chain chemists as well as hand-made cosmetics stores.

Cleansing wipes

Carry cleansing wipes with you to give yourself an in-seat freshen up at regular intervals. You can cleanse your face quickly, have an in-seat shower or use them for dirty or sticky hands and they fit easily into your carry-on.

Carry hand cream

Keep a tube of your favourite hand-cream in your bag and use it throughout your trip to keep your hands from drying out. Not only this, but it will create a barrier on your hands which will help prevent over-drying from commercial-grade soaps used in public toilets.

Hack your hair straightener

If you don’t have access to an iron, but your clothes have come out of your luggage all crumpled, use your flat iron to smooth out your collar, sleeves and hemline. You’ll be amazed how well you can iron something with your hair straightener if you really need to.

Dry shampoo

Pack a hair powder, like dry shampoo, to combat oily roots or give lifeless, dull hair a much needed shot of volume. It’s great for long flights or when you’re staying in remote areas with limited or no access to showers.

Protect your makeup

Add a cotton ball or cotton pad to your makeup to keep them from breaking when traveling, particularly relevant to pressed or compact powders. This will stop any in-flight breakage of your favourite pressed powder, blush, eyeshadows or bronzer.

In-flight day spa

Pre-moistened eye pads can be refrigerated or frozen prior to travel then used mid-flight to refresh tired, puffy and sore eyes. You could almost turn your 19-hour flight into a spa day. Almost.

How do you stay stunning on the road? Share your tips in the comments below!