It’s becoming more and more common for people to pack up their life and take off for an incredible adventure around the world.

Preparing for a trip like this takes a lot of planning and preparation, whether you’re backpacking through Europe or getting lost in South-East Asia. Here are seven tips to help anyone thinking of taking a long-term trip abroad.

Brush up on the local language

The chances are you’re visiting places where English isn’t the spoken language. Don’t let that intimidate you, we’re all human and have the ability to communicate beyond just words. It is, however, a good idea to brush up on the local language. Jump online and learn key phrases you need to help you find directions, get help or express specific dietary needs.

Back-up important documents

Before you leave home, it’s a good idea to invest in a hard-drive or two. Back-up your computer or laptop with all your important documents and lock it up somewhere safe, then take another hard-drive with you on the road. It’s a great way to keep your laptop working fast and ensuring you have a back-up of your photos and videos from your trip should your laptop be stolen.

Think about work

You may be planning on doing some odd jobs while you’re travelling to give you a source of income on the road. A good idea could be to do a short or extended course before you take off, like getting your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate or a First Aid Certificate.

Visit your doctor

Before you leave, be sure to visit your doctor for a general check-up. While you’re there, let them know where you’re going and be sure to get up-to-date on your immunisations and anything extra you may need for the places you are visiting. It’s also a good idea to stock up on an prescription medicines you need. You can also request a copy of your medical history which you can carry with you, just in case. Depending on how long you’re going for, pay a visit to your dentist and optometrist too.

Research banking options

While you’re away you’re going to need to access your hard earned money, so you can spend it up! It’s important to let your bank know you’re going away and the places you’re visiting, so they don’t freeze your account when you withdraw money in a different country. Look into how much your bank charges you to withdraw money abroad. Are there other banks who offer better rates? If so, is it worth switching? Also, what support do they offer you overseas if your cards are stolen or lost? These are all important things to consider.

Travel insurance

Make sure you have travel insurance. Do your research and find an insurer who covers you thoroughly for every place you visit. Make sure you totally and completely understand what you are covered for and how to make a claim if necessary. Remember, it can also cover you for things like cancelled flights or trips that are out of your control, so get insurance as soon as you book your trip.

Passport and visas

Make sure your passport has at least six months validity on it and check the visa requirements for all the places you plan on visiting. Understand which countries you need a visa for, how long you can stay for and whether or not you’re required to show evidence of when you plan to leave.

Have you travelled around the world before? What tips would you add? Let us know in the comments below!