One of the best things about travelling is all the food you get to eat.

New dishes you’ve never tried before, ingredients you’ve never heard of and a whole world of flavour just waiting to be explored. It isn’t just your holiday, it’s your tastebuds’ holiday too. Amazing food adventures don’t get much better than those on offer in Hong Kong.

Influenced mainly by Cantonese cuisine, Hong Kong also takes its culinary cues from its rich history and the Western world. It’s a wonderful mix of tiny backstreet cafes serving traditional Hong Kong style treats and michelin-star restaurants offering gourmet grandeur and unforgettable dining experiences.

A good place to start is with breakfast at Lan Fong Yuen on Gage Street in Central Hong Kong. It’s the perfect place to try traditional breakfast treats like Hong Kong French toast, scrambled egg sandwich and Hong Kong crispy bun, topped with condensed milk and butter. You can also slurp down Hong Kong’s famous Milk Tea, made from black tea and condensed milk.

Another great breakfast spot is Cafe Matchbox, a cool spot on Sun Wui Road in Causeway Bay with a unique 60’s style retro fit-out. They serve traditional set menus including fried eggs and toast served with a steaming bowl of macaroni and ham. Also on offer is a silk-stocking ice coffee sure to get your motor running and, possibly, double as fuel for your car.

If sweet treats are more your style then Hong Kong’s bakeries have got you covered. Visit Hang Heung Cake Shop in Mong Kok and snap up a freshly baked sweetheart cake, a traditional Cantonese pastry with a thin crust of delicious flaky pastry filled with winter melon, almond paste and sesame. It’s also essential you try a crunchy-topped fluffy pineapple bun and one of Hong Kong’s famous egg tarts from Hoover Cake Shop in Kowloon City.

Night Wolf at Oddies

Night Wolf at Oddies

When it comes to amazing food, Michelin-Star restaurant Din Tai Fung offers out-of-this-world dumplings from its two Hong Kong locations. Get there early, at opening time preferably, and wear your stretchy pants because you’re about to have the feast of a lifetime. It is one of the cheapest and best Michelin-Star meals you may ever eat.

For more dumplings, head to Dim Dim Sum in Mong Kok or Wan Chai for cheap but tasty eats or visit Tim Ho Wan at Central Hong Kong for another low-budget Michelin-Star dumpling experience that will blow your mind.

Another must-do is Hong Kong’s famous spicy crab. Perfectly cooked, fresh crab is served up with a massive mound of deep friend chilli and garlic piled on top, making it the ultimate delicious mix of crunchy, sweet, spicy and juicy. Some of the spicy crab restaurants are a bit of a tourist trap, but it’s once in a lifetime so it’s kinda worth it, as long as you’re prepared to pay high prices.

For unusual desserts, take a trip to Chung Kee for all manner of bizarre, brightly coloured jellies and shaved ice fruit concoctions mixed with corn, kidney beans and sesame. For the ultimate in dessert treats, take a trip to Oddies in Wan Chai and get your teeth into the ‘Night Wolf’. Italian low fat chocolate and vanilla twist gelato served with butter crumbs, caramelised banana ice cream, passionfruit panna cotta and topped with a brownie and chocolate chip eggette. It is happiness in a cup.