For the fifth time in seven years, London has been found to be the most popular tourist destination.

Planning an overseas holiday in the near future? Any chance you’re going to London?

It’s more likely than not. The home of the Queen, James Bond, and the quintessential combination of tea and biscuits has been crowned as the world’s most popular city for tourists again.

For the fifth time in seven years, the list, compiled by MasterCard, has found that London is expected to welcome 18.82 million overnight stay visitors in 2015. That number even beats out Paris, the city of lights and capital of the biggest tourism nation in the world, which came in third with 16.06 million visitors.

Popular particularly with Australian tourists, Bangkok came in second with 18.24 million.

Rising from #5 on last year’s list, Dubai proved to be continuously increasing in popularity, coming in fourth with 14.26 million.

Surprisingly, only one US city made the top 10, the big apple. New York City, come in at #6 with 12.27 million visitors. Los Angeles was the only other US city in the top 20, coming in 20th place with 5.2 million visitors.

Europe now claims three of the five most popular cities in the world, London, Paris and Istanbul, and nine in the top 20, with Barcelona in 12th, Amsterdam in 13th, Rome in 14th, Milan in 15th, Vienna in 18th, and Prague in 19th.

Absent from the list was Australia, with Sydney even failing to make the Asia-Pacific region’s top 20.

The only list Australia ranked on was spending, named as #17 on the list where international visitors will spend the most in 2015.

Five Asia-Pacific cities, including Bangkok, made the top 20 – Singapore in 7th, Kuala Lumpur in 8th, Seoul in 9th and Hong Kong in 10th.

The 20 most visited cities in the world

1. London: 18.82 million visitors
2. Bangkok: 18.24 million
3. Paris: 16.06 million
4. Dubai: 14.26 million
5. Istanbul: 12.56 million
6. New York: 12.27 million
7. Singapore: 11.88 million
8. Kuala Lumpur: 11.12 million
9. Seoul: 10.35 million
10. Hong Kong: 8.66 million
11. Barcelona: 7.37 million
12. Amsterdam: 7.23 million
13. Milan: 6.82 million
14. Rome: 6.79 million
15. Taipei: 6.29 million
16. Shanghai: 6.09 million
17. Vienna: 6.05 million
18. Riyadh: 5.59 million
19. Tokyo: 5.38 million
20. Lima: 5.11 million