If you’re reading this while you wait for a delayed flight, take note — next time you should fly airBaltic.

CNN reports that airBaltic, a small Latvian airline, has topped UK-based aviation data monitors OAG’s list of the most punctual airlines in the world.

94.9 per cent of all airBaltic’s flights got on or off the ground within 15 minutes of schedule in 2014, according to the report. Hawaiian Airlines came in second, at 92.3 per cent, and Austrian Airlines came in third at 90 per cent.

Norwegian Air Shuttle was named the world’s most punctual low-cost carrier, with 89.7 per cent of flights sticking to schedule. Thai AirAsia came in second at 88.7 per cent (a remarkable achievement, given a 24 per cent increase in the frequency of the airline’s flights in 2014), and easyJet came in third at 87.7 per cent.

Meanwhile, Bristol Airport, a small airport serving the southwest England port city, was named the world’s most punctual airport, outperforming much bigger names.

Bristol managed to get 94.4 per cent of its flights (including connections to Europe and north Africa) on or off the ground within 15 minutes of schedule.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport came in second at 93.1 per cent, and Berlin Schönefeld rounded out the top three at 92.3 per cent.

Japan’s Osaka International Airport claimed the top spot for medium sized airports with a 93.2 per cent success rate, followed by Moscow Scheremetyevo at 89.8 per cent and Copenhagen Airport at 89.8 per cent.

Munich was the most punctual large airport, with an 89 per cent success rate. As the report notes, large airports face greater operational challenges, including congestion due to high demand for slots on the runway. They’re also more likely to feel the effect of disruption elsewhere, since their route networks include more airports.

Tokyo Haneda was the second most punctual large airport, at 87.9 per cent; Seattle came in third at 86.2 per cent.

Eight North American airports cracked the top 20, including Atlanta, which managed to get 82.4 per cent of its flights running on time despite being the world’s busiest airport in 2014.

Beijing, predicted to overtake Atlanta as the world’s busiest airport soon, finished outside the top 20, appearing at number 28 overall.

“With many airports and airlines achieving in excess of 90 per cent on-time performance within 15 minutes of schedule, there is a lot to celebrate,” OAG executive vice president John Grant told CNN.

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