Are you looking for a holiday that combines the adventure of trekking with the luxury of enjoying French champagne while watching the sun rise?

If the idea of ‘trekking’ conjures up images of 20-kilogram packs, dehydrated food and a general lack of showers for you, you might want to rethink your expectations.

Girls Trekking Adventures aims to meld the physical challenge of trekking with the relaxing elements of a girls-only holiday to create a unique experience tailored for women, says co-founder Frith Graham.

“We’re redefining trekking,” she says. “We’re introducing women to trekking who have never trekked before in their lives – they haven’t even considered it.”

Graham says it’s all about providing experiences that women want, and mentions the Blue Mountains trek where the group stops for a few hours on the third day to have lunch and go shopping.

“What man wants to stop for a nice coffee mid-trek?” she says. “We do the trek but then we take you out to a beautiful restaurant for a delicious dinner; we have French champagne while watching the sun rise over the Taj Mahal; we do the Lycian Way in Turkey, and then we go sailing there as well.

“It’s about providing an awesome physical goal but making it fun and much more than ‘just a trek’ as well.”

Recuperation in isolation Kath Merlo is an avid fan of the trips and has recently completed the Larapinta desert trek in Australia’s centre.

“There’s something really unique about Larapinta,” she says. “You’re seeing a part of Australia that we don’t get to see very often. “It’s a really great way to completely switch off because there’s no mobile phone coverage… it’s almost a bit like a detox.”

She says that celebrating the achievement of the trek with like-minded women is “the whole point” of the trips.

“Without sounding like a cliché, it’s actually a really nice way of celebrating being a woman,” she says. “You feel empowered. It’s very physical but it’s also a lot of fun as well.”

A whole new world Louise Michael recently completed the Girls Trekking Adventures’ trip in Hong Kong and says the effort was worth it.

“It was a good to see Hong Kong from different perspectives; from the bright lights of the big city through to the amazing environment where one minute you’re in a rainforest and the next minute you’re in a desert,” she says.

“There’s always a sense of community within the group that allows people to push themselves,” she adds. “It challenges you not just physically but mentally as well, to get yourself through while facing the environment and the heat.”

Though it might not seem like a luxurious holiday experience, trekking with a group of women might just be the recharge you’re looking for.

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