Looking for an unusual holiday? Like to do things a little differently? Then it’s time to get on a plane for your next getaway. But this one never leaves the tarmac.

Airbnb, the online hub of unexpected accommodation options, has just posted a listing that is very unusual. If you’ve ever thought that you needed to shake things up and go on a holiday with a difference, then this is for you.

Curious? For a limited time, you can actually stay in a completely stationary airplane in Amsterdam while it sits on a runway for the weekend. Airbnb is offering a two to four person stay on a KLM airplane between November 28-30 and while you don’t actually go anywhere, you have everything you need on board. The only catch (well, other than getting yourself to the Netherlands) is that you can’t actually book — you can only enter a contest to win a chance to stay on board.

With luxurious and modern day stylish interiors that include all the regular furniture you could imagine you’ll need, the place will stop feeling like a temporary stop-over and start feeling like home very quickly. (But then, sadly, it’ll be time to leave.)

It’s certainly a holiday with a twist — and the best part is that the winner can take three of their friends along, so they can share this bizarre experience with them.

If this is just eccentric enough to appeal to you, you’d best be quick, as the competition closes soon. Good luck!