If you like a bit of a fright in your travels (and we don’t mean the price), then here are some destinations not to miss.

Love a good ghost story? Been on all the Brisbane ghost tours and want more? Then ghost hunting globally will provide you with plenty of opportunities for a good scare. Here’s some place you might want to add to your fright list.

Port Arthur, Tasmania

I can personally attest to undertaking this tour… however, I only saw a small bit of it through webbed fingers as I was too scared to look. The best part about the Port Arthur ghost tour is that it does not require any effects of theatrics — by the very nature of it being a place of great misery and beauty, it is frightening. There’s also a family ghost tour during daylight (for kids and scaredy cats). Don’t miss the gallery of ghost snaps submitted by guests at the entry.

Tip: The Isle of the Dead cemetery tour is just a short ferry ride from the Port Arthur grounds and worth it. The Comfort Inn Port Arthur is the only hotel within the Port Arthur Historic Site — it has a gate leading onto the grounds. I almost ran back there after the tour but managed a dignified but very quick walk.

What you need to know: The ghost tour operates every day except Christmas night. Duration: 90 minutes. Prices: $25 adult, $15 child aged 7 to 17 years (must be accompanied by an adult), $65 family (two adults and up to six children). To book, free call 1800 659 101 or visit portarthur.org.au.

Paris Ghost Tour

With over 6000 years of history, it is a fair bet that Paris might have a ghost story or two.

The Paris Ghost Tour is described as “the exploration of the Darkside of the City of Lights” and features a 90-minute walking tour through the oldest parts of the city. There’s everything from ghosts of the ancient cemetery to tales of serial killers.

Plus if you get a chance to visit the Catacombs, don’t miss it. Here lie the remains of the city dead from around the 17th century, arranged into a wall of bones.

What you need to know: Paris Ghost Tours operate Wednesday through Saturday evenings from 1 March to 31 October. From AUD$28 if you book in advance or AUD$36 on site. Recommended for aged 12 upwards. Book here. Catacombs tours operate Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm, except public holidays. Tickets on sale on site only, no online booking. Distance: 2 kilometres, tour is 45 minutes, 130 steps to go down. Admission AUD$14. Visit here.

Dracula Tour to Transylvania

It has to be the ultimate scary tour — a week or more traversing spooky Romania. There are a number of tour operators to choose from, and yes, they travel in daylight! Tours incorporate important historical places related to Vlad the Impaler such as Dracula’s birth place, his Castle in Borgo Pass and the legendary Bran Castle. Some tours include special Halloween parties if you are travelling at the right time of year!

What you need to know: Guided tours run for three days or longer with prices (for just the tour element) from AUD$820 upwards. Check out Visit TransylvaniaAdventure Transylvania, and Transylvania Tours.

Ripper tours in Whitechapel, London

Who hasn’t heard of Jack the Ripper? London’s Whitechapel and Spitalfields are the stamping grounds for this notorious and elusive serial killer. Although his reign of terror only lasted twelve weeks in 1888, 11 murdered women were discovered; five were credited to Jack the Ripper, but all of the homicides remain unsolved. Take a tour through the cobbled alleyways to the sites of the murders that have not changed greatly since the Ripper’s time.

What you need to know: There are a number of tours to choose from, including:

The Rocks Ghost Tour, Sydney

Dark alleys, moody streets… enjoy this haunting look at Sydney’s dark side. The historic Rocks precinct is home to its share of macabre stories and ghostly apparitions. It includes The Rocks ‘Dead House’, tales of the ghosts who haunt the Opera House and ‘George’, the ghost of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Plus there are hens ghost tours, team ghost tours and more!

What you need to know: A two hour walking tour for 18 years and over (13+ permitted with parent). Available 7 days a week (except Halloween and some public holidays). Tours depart at 6.45pm in Autumn/Winter and at 7.45pm in Spring/Summer. Adults $42, children $33. Visit ghosttours.com.au for more info.

*Prices and tours correct at time of publication.

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