When people say a holiday can take years off your face, sometimes this is actually true. Especially if you combine your holiday with a cosmetic procedure.

Allure Medical Holidays is an Australian-based company that specialises in organising cosmetic, medical and dental surgery in Thailand. Their reputation is excellent and they choose only to work in partnership with highly-experienced travel agents and the best hospitals and surgeons. This ensures you have the procedures you have been wanting whilst recovering in a tropical paradise.

Allure organises everything for your procedure — your flights, accommodation, surgery and transfers. All you need to do is pack your suitcase and let them know a date that suits you.

Danielle Kerryn is a recent client of Allure. A mother of two young kids with a supportive husband, Danielle decided to undergo a breast augmentation. She visited plastic surgeons in Australia as well as researching overseas medical options.

“After researching Australian options,” Danielle says, “I then decided to start comparing, as it seemed really really expensive here. I was also told my husband would have to take two weeks off to help me around the house with the kids, as I wouldn’t be able to lift anything or get much done. So I thought for the same amount I would be spending, we could have a family holiday for two weeks while I was recovering. Straightaway I started seeking information and reading forums, and that’s how I made the decision to go to Thailand.”

Going under the knife for any operation can be a daunting prospect and having surgery in another country sounds even more so. But Danielle was very matter-of-fact and went in with her eyes open. “I’ve had procedures before and so I understand that any operation has risks. However, the statistics were just as good in Thailand as in Australia.”

When questioned about the actual experience, Danielle is enthusiastic and forthcoming. “It was honestly fantastic. I had the best service and the hospital was amazing. You could even call down and order up room service from the local cafes. All the doctors and nurses spoke perfect English and everyone was very attentive. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”

She points out that in Australia, her operation is usually only a day procedure. “But in Thailand they recommended I stay in longer, and I think that the team were more thorough.”

She has a couple of tips for others who are considering heading down this path. “Make sure you do your research, which is how I found out you must stay in the country for at least 10 days. So I could then plan around that. I also let my GP know before I went and he checked everything when I returned. So make sure you have support back at home before you go and for when you return.”

The upside of having the procedure done in Thailand, of course, is that Danielle was able to enjoy a family holiday while she recovered. “I stayed in the Phuket International Hospital and was in the ward one night and then recovered back at the hotel for the rest of the time. I did have to go back for a check-up and to have stitches removed but it was all very organised and easy. For the first two or three days I just spent the time recovering and resting in the resort while my husband and kids went out and had fun exploring, but by day four or five, I was going on elephant rides and actually enjoying my holiday in Thailand.”

Was she satisfied in the end? “I’m really, really happy with the results, and while there was pain — which was expected — there was no infection, no reactions. And I got the perfect size that I wanted and no one can even tell. I’m really pleased with the end result. And I think it helped my recovery so much more just being in Thailand because you want to get up and move about. I was at this beautiful place — the food was amazing, everything was relaxed and tropical and my family was having a great time too.”

If this sounds like your kind of holiday, learn more about Allure Medical Holidays here.