Myanmar is bordered by the culinary giants China, Thailand and India. There you will find plenty of Indian-style curries, Chinese stir fries, Thai salads and a plethora of breads, noodles and rice.

Myanmar has its own unique and exciting cuisine, which focuses on four key tastes – hot, sour, salty and sweet. In the country’s southern Myeik Archipelago fresh seafood is a key ingredient in most dishes.

Here’s a few of the area’s best:


Considered the national dish. Usually eaten for breakfast, Mohinga is a hearty, slightly tart tomato broth with slow cooked fish. It’s served over rice vermicelli noodles with lime, dried chilli and a dash of salty fish sauce.


Myanmar Curry

Hsan Byoke

Another breakfast staple, it’s a rice porridge made by boiling rice in chicken or pork stock and served with fried onion and spring onion.

Myeik Kat Kyi Kaik

This stir fry is made with flat rice noodles, squid, bean sprouts, peas, spring onion, pepper and dark soy sauce.

Lahpet Thohk

Another contender for the national dish. It’s a spicy, tangy, crunchy salad made with fermented tea leaves, crisp fried garlic, peas, peanuts, toasted sesame, dried shrimp, preserved ginger, tomato and fresh green chilli.

Myanmar Curry

Similar to Indian and Thai curries but with much more oil and not so much chilli or coconut milk.

Fresh Seafood

Squid, crab and fish freshly caught and cooked any way is terrific, but sliced thin with fresh lime juice and cracked pepper is particularly mouth-watering.


A fish paste that is added to most dishes. It’s made by fermenting tiny fish, which are then salted and sundried.

Three things to do in Myanmar

See the Bagan Temples

Bagan, a vast, spectacular desert dotted with stunning varied temples can be toured by bike or vehicle. This extravagant temple complex is the highlight of a trip to Myanmar and should not to be missed.


Inle Lake

Visit Inle Lake

Inle Lake offers a more temperate climate where visitors are rewarded with floating markets, tomato fields, silversmiths, weavers, monasteries and a welcoming people that live a distinct way of life.

Walk Into Buddha’s Ear

Monywa is a town with curious locals and an engaging night market. Monywa is conveniently located within striking distance of the massive 40-story-tall standing Buddha statue called Bodhi Tataung Laykyun Setkyar.

The standing Buddha statue is the second-tallest statue in the world at 129 meters. The sprawling site is filled with bodhi trees and pagodas.