Ever wanted to throw it all in and just go? These prolific travel bloggers have traversed thousands of kilometres and Helen Goltz sought their best travel tips.

TIP: Go off the beaten track

Phoebe Lee – littlegreybox.net
This is something I’ve learned along the way: don’t just stick to the tourist path, make your own path and push outside your comfort zone.Try new and exciting things along the way and do everything you want to do; you may never get the chance again.

TIP: Plan!

Russell Ward – insearchofalifelessordinary.com
Never underestimate the value of planning – from researching your travel destination to planning an interesting itinerary for when you’re there. Doing your homework can often be the difference between having a good trip and having a GREAT trip.

TIP: Use jetlag to your advantage

Danielle Esler – bubsonthemove.com

If travelling to the USA with kids use jet lag to your advantage rather than fighting it. We took the kids to Disneyland and kept them on Australian time. The result – we visited the park in the afternoon and stayed up with them until midnight.

TIP: Keep copies in EVERY bag

Nikki Ah Wong – nikkiahwong.com

Record important phone numbers, hotel addresses, bookings and flight details all on one page and make a copy for each bag you take on holiday.

TIP: Take a book

Emma Gardiner – www.shegoes.com.au
Always take a book! It will keep you occupied through inevitable delays and all the waiting around involved in travelling.

TIP: Take one power board

Kerry Heaney – eatdrinkandbekerry.com.au

I cart a load of gear that needs to be charged daily. Plug it all into one power board which means everything charges and packs together.

TIP: Walk to get your bearings

Lauren Fritsky – thelifethatbroke.com
Walk! It acclimatises you to the culture and the way people go about their day. You’ll see things you’d miss on a bus or public transport.

TIP: Be flexible

Loreena & Matt – littleaussietravellers.com.au
Set major milestones and leave the mid-journey up for discovery, that way you won’t miss adventures by always having to run to a deadline. It’s our favourite way to travel, knowing roughly where we are going and letting the rest take care of itself.

TIP: Be prepared for adventure

Anne Sutherland-Smith –www.pretraveller.com
If you are visiting sand dunes make sure you take something to slide with. We quickly learnt that cardboard boxes are useless – but a snow toboggan is just right!

Tip: Make it five days not three

Gary and Amanda – traveloutbackaustralia.com
To get the best value for your trip when visiting the red centre, book five days NOT three. Our ideal itinerary is a round trip from Alice Springs to Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, West MacDonnell Ranges and back to Alice.

TIP: Prepare for the unexpected

Jo Castro – zigazag.com and lifestylefifty.com
Even if you’ve packed everything, you can never rely on the elements e.g. route changes due to flooding. Pack clothes that layer because nights can be cold. Girls, take a sarong – it can double as a towel, shawl, and dressing gown for a dash to the ablution block!

TIP: Get lost

Barbara Adam – thedropoutdiaries.com
Get lost (but not too lost)! Set off just to get a feel for local life. The more I travel, the less I rely on maps, although I make sure I’m sensible about things, including having a plan to get un-lost again.

TIP: Take water

Rob and Hilary – sharkaroo.net
When travelling in remote areas it’s essential to carry fresh water. Although it’s tempting just to sling in a couple of large jerry cans, multiple smaller water containers have the advantage of being easier to refill and load on-and-off a vehicle. A split water supply won’t be as much of a problem if one goes missing or springs a leak.

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