The screaming child, the seat-kicker and the loud-talker top the list of the most annoying things to face when travelling, a new survey says.

A recent survey of more than 1000 Australians, (conducted by online flight search and comparison service showed that the list of travel annoyances was diverse, but most people won’t confront the irritation – even when it’s driving them insane.

Screaming children was by far the most common complaint among Australian aircraft passengers, with just under half of all respondents saying it had affected a journey. Other top complaints included being stuck on a delayed aircraft on the tarmac, fellow passengers with unpleasant odours, broken entertainment systems and snoring seatmates.

But it seems that even if we’re irritated by being stuck in planes with smelly, snoring and noisy fellow passengers, we’re not willing to speak up about it, with only 30 per cent of survey respondents saying they’ve confronted their fellow passengers – more than half of the respondents suffered in silence! 16 percent did admit to using passive-aggressive retaliation techniques like reclining seats back on chair-kickers, however.

The majority of travellers haven’t received any unexpected perks either, like free drinks or seat upgrades, with 60 per cent having never received a bonus when travelling. Some of the lucky 40 per cent got perks such as receiving a phone number from a fellow passenger; meeting a future spouse or significant other; landing a new client; securing a new job; and 2.5 per cent of respondents admitted to joining the mile high club – an unexpected travel perk indeed!

So next time you’re on a plane, think twice before reclining your seat, trying to exit the plane out of turn, or taking up your neighbour’s personal space – no one wants to be that annoying passenger, after all!

What do you find most irritating when travelling? Have you ever received an unexpected travel perk? Let us know your experiences!