Tried surfing? Former pro surfer Laura Andon says once you’re hooked, you’ll be on a mission to find the best wave – here are her favourites!

Former pro-surfer Laura Andon, author of The Ride of Life, shares her top surf breaks from around Australia…

1. SURF BREAK: Mollymook Beach in Mollymook, NSW

 TYPE: Beach break

WHY IT’S GOOD: I learnt to surf here. The waves are friendly and there are not too many people around so it’s perfect for a beginner. Expect to see pods of dolphins and whales migrating up and down the coast throughout the year. The water stays fairly chilled all year so don’t forget your steamer.

2. SURF BREAK: Crescent Head, NSW

 TYPE: Beach and point breaks

WHY IT’S GOOD: The surf culture is at its peak in Crescent Head. The conditions accommodate all abilities and expertise, with four perfect right-hand point breaks that suit long boarders, grommets and beginners. The waves go on for over 100 metres and surfers flock here to get some of their most memorable waves.

3. SURF BREAK: Collers in Ulladulla, NSW

 TYPE: Reef

WHY IT’S GOOD: On a south swell, Collers produces a fun right-hander. It’s secluded and not many people know about it. There are many reef breaks along the south coast of Oz, especially around Ulladulla, and these breaks are great for surfers who are already standing up and learning manoeuvres. Collers is my favourite wave for an intermediate surfer.

4. SURF BREAK: Garie Beach in Royal National Park, NSW

 TYPE: Beach break

WHY IT’S GOOD: There are fewer crowds, fun waves and beautiful scenery. The beach is open to swell so, if it’s small everywhere else, it could be worth the drive.

5. SURF BREAK: D’Bah (Duranbah Beach) in Coolangatta, Qld

 TYPE: Punchy beach break

WHY IT’S GOOD: For a beach break, these waves have just a little more power. This surf spot offers barrels and gives you that extra practise taking off quicker than usual.

6. SURF BREAK: Snapper Rocks in Coolangatta, Qld

 TYPE: Right-hander point break

WHY IT’S GOOD: On a great swell, you can ride waves all the way to Greenmount and even Kirra. It’s best to avoid in summer, as it’s one of the busiest breaks in Australia. The first world tour contest is held here in February/March.

7. SURF BREAK: Margaret River in the town of Margaret River, WA

 TYPE: Heavy beach break

WHY IT’S GOOD: If you want to challenge yourself in bigger surf, Margaret River is just the place. A number of world tour surfers flock here to surf the large swell that approaches the western coast of Australia. This surf spot offers sizeable ground swells and world-class waves.

8. SURF BREAK: Fleurieu Peninsula, SA

 TYPE: Beach break

WHY IT’S GOOD: This is the best place to learn to surf in South Australia. The state is home to a variety of sea life, in particular great white sharks, so personally I have never surfed around this part of Australia. But you can get some great little waves around here for beginners – just don’t forget to wear a thicker wetsuit, as the water stays very cool all year round.

Where’s your favourite surf break? Let us know your favourite place to hit the waves!