If Macau is on your bucket list, don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

That’s the message from the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) in its endeavours to promote the walking friendly side of the previously Portuguese region.

Macau, also spelt Macao, is a peninsula that lies on the Western side of China.

In a move to highlight Macau’s fascinating heritage, the Government has created a series of suggested self-guided walks which will have visitors exploring some intriguing residential back lanes previously off the main tourist map.

The “Step Out Experience, Macau’s Communities” routes also cover the iconic hot spots and range from a Tour of Historic Trails (allow 1hr 40 minutes) to a longer Tour of Nature and Creativity where sightseers are able to visit some of the city’s tranquil gardens as well as the prime historic sites (allow 2hrs 30 minutes).

In all, the historic hub of Macau comprises several significant squares and more than 20 heritage monuments – a district brimming with cultural treasures “you can’t afford to miss”.
All routes meander through the Macau peninsula where 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites can be found, including the iconic Ruins of St Pauls.

Recent tourism data has showed that more Australians and New Zealanders are visiting Macau, since it has evolved into a popular destination for incentive travel as well as leisure. Over 125,000 visited the peninsula last year, in fact.

To assist travellers either before or during a Macau visit, there’s an “Experience Macau” mobile phone App with essential information on tourist hot spots, shows, general entertainment and accommodation. It also has a trip planner, 360-degree panoramic photos, audio guide, maps, even games, to name a few features.

Everything is waiting for the explorer in Macau – just make sure not to leave the walking shoes at home.

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