Travelling with your kids in the car over the holidays and beginning to think “I should have bought a plane ticket” ?

Surviving a car road trip travelling with the kids might seem like a daunting task… wondering who will kill each other first or if the ‘Santa’s watching’ threat will work, even after Christmas…

Planning ahead can help turn a full blown disaster into a manageable challenge and we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to avoid road rage of the parental persuasion.

Travelling with kids- the survival guide

Practice run- Worried that your child is incapable of sitting in a car for a long period of time without driving you bonkers? Try taking some practice runs on weekends to get them use to taking trips.

Breaks- Another idea to stop kids from getting restless is to make short stops every 90 minutes or so to stretch their legs and maybe even burn off that extra energy.

Snacks- Having little healthy snacks in the car can go a long way to keeping little mouths occupied.

Comfort- Make sure to pack a pillow, blanket and even their favourite doll or teddy, you never know when they might need some ‘quiet time’ and decide to take a nap ( finger crossed!).

Night travel- If you’re worried about travelling with kids on a long trip, have you considered doing the bulk of the driving overnight? This way you can drive in peace and the kids are less likely to be restless when you get to your destination.

Entertainment- This is a major essential! If you plan to go travelling with kids these holidays make sure you pack and have thought about alternative entertainment methods to keep them occupied- there is nothing worse than hearing ‘I’m bored’ or ‘are we there yet?’ when you’re not even a quarter way there.

Here are some entertainment ideas to get you started:
  • CD’s- A sing-a-long mix or an audio book might be ideal.
  • Apps- If you have an ipad, tablet, smart phone or ipod, there are plenty of free fun education apps for your kids to play on.
  • Movies- If you have a portable DVD player, a laptop or a tablet, playing movies can keep the kids quiet for hours.
  • Books- If you’re child doesn’t get car sick while reading, a book could keep them occupied for ages.
  • Games- I-spy is a game played by almost every generation and you don’t need a thing to play it.

As a child I use to play the A-Z game, which thinking back now was a genius move by my parents. The game involves finding all the letters from A to Z by looking outside of the car at signs, billboards and number plates, all while competing with the rest of the car’s passengers to get to Z first. The rule was you couldn’t tell anyone what you were up to- it was a quiet game- and the winner would say ‘done’ when you got to Z. It was a very competitive game among my siblings and it could last extended periods of time and then restart without us ever getting bored.


Did you have any tricks to keeping the kids occupied and behaved while travelling on the road? Will you give my A-Z game a try?