Humpback whales are certainly the acrobats of the sea, and they didn’t disappoint our guests on board this week with playful behavior in the pristine warm waters of Moreton Bay.

Guests can be treated to a variety of spectacular behaviour such as:


When the whale rears its massive body out of the water with just a few beats of the tail.

Pec slapping

One or both flippers are raised to slap the water almost as if to make social contact with all of us.

Tail slapping

The whale forcefully slaps the tail in a horizontal or sideways movement on the top of the water.

Spy hopping

A very social behavior that thrills everyone. The whales will bring their massive heads out of the water to see all onboard and their surroundings.

Bubble netting

The hunting members from a pod form a circle under the water and they all blow a wall of bubbles in a spiral path upwards as they swim to the surface. This creates a cylindrical wall of bubbles that effectively traps krill, plankton and small fish in a giant mass.
Kerry Lopez is the captain of the Eye Spy, a Moreton Bay whale watching vessel, and the owner of Brisbane Whale Watching. She’ll be writing weekly whale watching reports for bmag throughout the season. For more on Kerry, read our Brisbane Extra feature, ‘The Whale Whisperer’. To book your own whale watching experience, visit!