Migaloo, the only documented albino humpback whale in the world, is scheduled to arrive sometime within the next week in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay!

Migaloo, meaning ‘white fella’, was first sighted back in June 1991 and was believed to be three to five years old at the time. In October 2004, researchers from the Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre collected skin samples from the water after he had breached and were able to have these analysed for DNA. This analysis was able to confirm that Migaloo is in fact a male.

In 2006, a white calf was also spotted with a humpback mother, sparking excitement that it was one of Migaloo’s offspring.

I have had the privilege to observe Migaloo on several occasions as he played in Moreton Bay. He is is alabaster white and he just lights the ocean up… a mythical sight, indeed. How fortunate we are to have the ability to view these magnificent mammals right here on our very own doorstep!

Kerry Lopez is the captain of the Eye Spy, a Moreton Bay whale watching vessel, and the owner of Brisbane Whale Watching. She’ll be writing weekly whale watching reports for bmag throughout the season. For more on Kerry, read our Brisbane Extra feature, ‘The Whale Whisperer’. To book your own whale watching experience, visit brisbanewhalewatching.com.au!