Whales, whales and more whales!

Last weekend marked the official start of the 2014 Brisbane whale watching season as Eye Spy departed the Redcliffe Jetty.

Cruising the beautiful marine park we sighted an abundance of marine life, including in excess of 30 whales as well as dolphins and turtles. With playful tail slapping and diving, everyone on board was delighted to see so many whales in the area so early in the season.

In the late ’70s, only one or two humpback whales were sighted off Moreton Island. This season, in excess of 18,000 whales will be sighted.

What a fantastic season it is going to be!

Kerry Lopez is the captain of the Eye Spy, a Moreton Bay whale watching vessel, and the owner of Brisbane Whale Watching. She’ll be writing weekly whale watching reports for bmag throughout the season. For more on Kerry, read our Brisbane Extra feature, ‘The Whale Whisperer’. To book your own whale watching experience, visit brisbanewhalewatching.com.au!