Just because you’re in the wilderness doesn’t mean you can’t still live the glamorous life.


The only way to camp

As a society, camping is one of the stranger pastimes we’ve come up with.

Think about it — we leave our perfectly good homes, beds and refrigerators behind and then travel a respectable distance away, where we then spend even more time (and money) setting up and recreating the perfectly good home we just left. Of course it’s great to experience nature and the great outdoors, but what happened to having your adventure and then heading back indoors for a nice warm shower and sleeping without the threat of an unwanted animal making its way into your tent?

If you’re looking for a chance to be at one with nature, but you’re also partial to the creature comforts that years of evolution have provided us, then glamping — glam camping — is the option for you. Think of it as bush survival, but with a glass of champagne and a foot rest.

Five reasons why glamping is the only way to camp

Less preparation equals less stress

With traditional camping, the hard work starts before you even arrive. When you’re packing up enough water, food and living essentials to sustain your camping adventure the process becomes less like packing for a holiday and more like planning for an apocalypse. With glamping, you can arrive at a campground with comfortable facilities just waiting to be enjoyed. There’s no danger that you’ll resort to sleeping in the car because somebody forgot the tent pegs.

It’s higher on the romance scale

If you’ve ever been dragged along on a camping adventure by your significant other you know nothing kills the flame of romance faster than the non-camper’s discovery that they have to sleep on the cold ground after devouring a delicious can of something that would survive a nuclear explosion along with the cockroaches. With glamping, you can enjoy the closeness and relaxation that nature offers you, along with a soft bed and a hot tub built for two.

It’s more comfortable for those sensible souls

Only those with sensitive skin and allergies know the horror insect bites and general exposure to the outdoor world can add to your holiday experience. Glamping gives you a certain amount of protection. While you still have the option of staying in a (luxury) tent, you can wash the day’s dirt away in a sumptuous bathroom and sleep comfortably in your sprawling bed knowing that all the neighboring insects won’t be able to pay you a visit.

You’re more protected from the elements

Glamping means that you are no longer a slave to the weather. Torrential rain, flooding and even extreme heat all have the power to end your trip before it even begins. Staying in a safe and stable holiday environment means you won’t have to reschedule your trip and you can enjoy the rain while nursing a glass of local wine.

More time to relax and explore

Maintaining a campground can be hard work and eats into valuable holiday hours that should be used for relaxation and contemplating life choices. ‘Camping’ in your pre-set-up, no-work-required glamping accommodation gives you more time to explore and enjoy the native area surrounding you.

If you’re now primed and ready to glamp, you’ll be happy to know there’s a local option located just a few hours drive from Brisbane.

Alure Boutique Villas offer luxury accommodation in exclusive, self catering boutique villas and luxury tents. Alure Stanthorpe is nestled in tranquil bushland in the heart of the Granite Belt wine region and has easy access to the region’s outstanding cellar doors, olive and fruit orchards.

You can see wildlife from your king sized four poster bed, lounge on the deck with a glass of award-winning Granite Belt wine, unwind in front of a crackling fire or end the day stargazing under the Milky Way in your private outdoor heated spa.

It’s the perfect retreat for couples and romantics who love the best in food, wine and nature — but don’t love unfurling their sleeping bags.

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