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Instagram’s Year in Review has revealed the most geo-tagged locations in Australia for 2016, with Bondi Beach coming out on top.

According to Australia’s seven million Instagram users, New South Wales is the most Grammable state in the nation. It scored five entries in the top ten, followed by Victoria with four.

You could argue that New South Wales cheated a little, though, as Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge were listed as separate entries, despite the fact that there’s obviously a lot of crossover there.

Queensland scored just one spot, and it wasn’t in Brisbane — instead, that honour went to Surfers Paradise.

While most of the top spots went to natural wonders and major landmarks, Sydney coffee shop Grounds of Alexandria also managed to crack the top 10.

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Australia’s most Instagrammed locations of 2016

  1. Bondi Beach, NSW
  2. Surfers Paradise Beach, QLD
  3. Sydney Harbour, NSW
  4. Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW
  5. St Kilda Beach, VIC
  6. National Gallery of Victoria, VIC
  7. The Grounds of Alexandria, NSW
  8. Melbourne Cricket Ground, VIC
  9. Taronga Zoo, NSW
  10. Melbourne International Airport, VIC

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Australia’s most used hashtags in 2016

  1. #love
  2. #Australia
  3. #Melbourne
  4. #Sydney
  5. #travel
  6. #instagood
  7. #fitness
  8. #fashion
  9. #food
  10. #beautiful

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