This little bundle of cuteness will make his first public appearance at Australia Zoo today.

After spending his first few months of life in his mother Willow’s pouch, little Macadamia is ready to say hello.

When he was born, Macadamia weighed just half a gram, and was about the size of a kidney bean. Like most koala joeys, he stayed attached to his mother’s teat for his first 13 weeks, and opened his eyes at 22 weeks.

By the time he’s 12 months old, Macadamia will be a fully independent koala — so your window to see him while he’s still the baby of the zoo will be narrow.


Image: Supplied

Macadamia is, of course, named after Australia’s native nuts, which have become one of our most-loved exports thanks to their creamy, buttery taste.

Welcome to the world, Macadamia — we can’t wait to watch you grow!