Will you accept this customised pet health and nutrition plan?

Former Bachelor star Sam Wood is on the hunt for Brisbane’s most out-of-shape pet.

He’s taking part in Petbarn’s Biggest Pet Loser challenge, which aims to help Aussie pets and their owners lose weight and improve their fitness, health and wellbeing.

As part of the challenge, 10 shortlisted pets and their owners will go on a 12-week ‘fitness journey’ with Wood and Greencross Vets.

The pets who are chosen will be provided with a customised health and nutrition plan by Greencross Vets, and the pet owner will receive a personalised consultation with Wood, along with access to three rounds of his online training and nutrition program, 28 by Sam Wood.

“As a pet parent myself, I know how easy it is to spoil my labrador, Hendrix,” Wood says.

“I hope that this challenge will bring the issue of pet obesity to the forefront and help pet parents and their pets get in top shape as well as inspire others. If you have a friend or loved one that you suspect has an overweight pet, get them to register now.”


Dr Rachel Chay, the chief veterinarian at Greencross Vets, says the point of the challenge isn’t to body shame our furry friends, but rather to educate pet parents on the importance of pet nutrition and obesity.

“We need to understand that, just like us, our furry friends are not immune to obesity, which can in turn result in serious health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, heart problems and in severe cases, even premature death,” Dr Chay says.

“While ‘kitty rolls’ and ‘puppy fat’ are usually used as terms of endearment for our pets, it is actually a cause of concern. We see thousands of pets across the country in our clinics and a lot of pet owners are surprised to hear that their pet is severely overweight.

“Even feeding your dog one tasty treat, such as a piece of bacon, have serious ramifications for your health. Every pet and breed is different and it is important to know your pets’ individual nutrition, exercise and activity needs — which is where we can help with our tailor-made assessment and program.”

The winner of Petbarn’s Biggest Pet Loser challenge will be judged based on the percentage loss of their overall weight. You can register your pet for the challenge at petbarnbiggestpetloser.com.au; registrations close on Wednesday 1 March.