No doubt we have all noticed the crazy temperature increase this week, but it’s important to remember our four-footed pals often feel the heat even more than we do. Read on for a few tips to help keep them cool this Summer.

With temperatures rising fast across the Sunshine State, Dogs Queensland has issued a warning to dog owners to keep their pets hydrated and cool. High humidity, storm potential and predicted near 40 degree temperatures can all pose serious risks to dogs and other pets if the right precautions aren’t taken.

Dogs Queensland General Manager, Rob Harrison warned “dog owners should ensure their pets have access to lots of cold, fresh water all day and night, have access to shade and never leave them unattended in the car.”

We recommend remembering these five tips to keep pets happy in the heat.

1. Add a chunk of ice to their water bowl

Individual ice cubes will melt fast so it’s worth stocking up on some bagged ice and adding a big chunk to their bowl. You could also get creative and try making some frozen treats for them to snack on.

2. And make sure you have a backup bowl!

For all their cuteness, dogs are also very clumsy, and often knock over their water. If this happens while you’re not home, they could be left without water all day, so make sure they have a few backup bowls.

3. Ensure there is plenty of shade

Think about where the shade falls on your back deck or backyard. Is there shade available all day? It might be time to invest in an outdoor umbrella or similar shade structure so your dog has plenty of room to chill out away from the direct sun.

4. Fill the shell pool

Remember those double-sided shell pools we all loved playing in as kids? Dogs love them too! Just keep in mind they are safest for medium to large sized dogs who can’t submerge themselves.

5. Book in for a trim

A fur coat is the last thing we want to wear in Summer, so if you’re dog is looking a little overgrown, clipping their coat can make a big difference to their comfort in the heat.

For more info on everything a dog owner needs to know, check out the Dogs Queensland website.
Do you have any other tricks you like to use to keep your pets cool? Share them with us in the comments!

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