According to a new survey, two out five Queensland pet owners are substituting partners with pets.

Commissioned by Real Insurance, The Australian Pet Survey which surveyed 1,200 people revealed that 43 percent of Queensland pet owners believed their pet substitutes for having a partner.

It also revealed that most pet loving Queenslanders were likely to terminate a new relationship on the ground that their date didn’t like their pet. That’s incredibly sad!

For the survey participants currently in a relationship, the research indicated that most of them preferred their cute and cuddly pet’s company over their partner’s.

The research also reinvigorated the dialogue around pets and the dwindling size of the average Australian family, with 44 percent of Queensland pet owners with no children agreeing that owning a pet in some way substituted for having kids.

Our love for our furry companions is impacting our national productivity, with 30 percent of pet owners taking ‘pet sick-leave’ at some point in their career. This equates to 20 million hours of ‘pet-related’ paid leave across Australia, which represents over $607 million cost in wages each year. Bosses look away now!

On a positive note and we’re sure you’ll agree, the research found almost all Queensland pet owners agreed that owning pets makes people happier and helps them to feel less isolated (98 percent, in fact). Puppies and kittens do make us happy!

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