Seven-year-old blue heeler Buddy, the terminally ill dog who captured the hearts of the city as he attempted to tick off his bucket list, has died.

Buddy was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January. That’s when his owner, Emily Mochan, set up a bucket list of experiences she hoped Buddy could have before he passed away.

Emily documented Buddy’s journey on a Facebook page that amassed nearly 12,000 followers.

Last month, we told you about Buddy’s adventures when he rode in a police car and was deputised as an honorary police dog by the Queensland Police.


Image: QPS Media

The fun-loving dog’s ever-expanding bucket list eventually blew out to 50 items, including having a limo ride, paw painting a canvas, and playing in a ball pit.

Sadly, Buddy passed away on Wednesday morning with one item left on his bucket list — but even that item will be ticked off soon.

“We managed to tick off all the things on the bucket list but one — the only thing was to help other animals,” Emily told ABC News.

“I was waiting until he passed so I could pass all his toys and money we raised to the RSPCA. All his toys will go to shelter dogs… even though he’s not here he’s still helping others.

“He’ll finish his list as soon as that’s done. I can’t change what’s happened and it’s very sad, but I’m happy I can see some good come from it.”

Buddy developed a limp on Tuesday, and Emily was told by the vet that he would lose the ability to walk within 48 hours.

“We made sure he had an amazing night,” Emily told ABC News.

“We brought him home and cleared out a space so we could camp out on the floor with him with the air con as cold as possible — that’s just how he likes it, playing mini games of ball and tug and just savouring all the cuddles, and happy memories before taking him in first thing yesterday.

“He went peacefully with no pain, surrounded by friends.”


Image: Buddy’s Bucket List

Rest in peace, Buddy.