Cat lovers, your prayers have been answered! Brisbane has welcomed its second cat cafe, featuring cuddly felines, delicious coffee and a cat-themed shop.

Lucky Cat Café recently opened its doors in Annerley, boasting two levels of cat-inspired fun and cuddles.

Downstairs you’ll find their pet-friendly cafe, open to anyone up for a coffee. The café offers brews from local roaster, Dancing Bean Espresso, as well as in-house cold brews, T2 tea, vegan friendly snacks and light refreshments.

On the same level, you’ll find a cat-themed shop with cat card games, cat mugs, shirts, pictures, jewellery and heaps more cat-inspired items.

Upstairs, you’ll find the cat sanctuary with cats (of course) and a cat jungle gym, for people to pop in and visit the resident cats whilst they’re on their coffee break.

Owner Katie Phelan says Lucky Cat Cafe is a place where you can just chill out and relax.

“It’s basically a space where you can have a coffee and some snacks, then chill out for some cat therapy with some friendly rescue cats,” she says.

Katie says the idea stemmed from her love of cats and growing up with them.

“I think cats are self-sufficient, they’re neat, clean and gentle,” she says.

“I’ve owned cats my whole life and I love watching them play. I pretty much watch cat videos every day.

“The cats here love everyone and everyone loves them.”

The cafe has six resident cats, all rescued from the Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue shelter. Katie says she eventually wants to get more.

“At the moment we have two boys and four girls, who were all dumped or surrendered to Brisbane Valley Rescue,” she says.

“There’s Henry, a ginger boy; Bugs, a grey boy; Jade, a black cat with gorgeous green eyes; Lulu, a tabby girl; Rose, a tortoise shell cat; and Annabel, who is our youngest and most playful cat. Annabel was given to us two weeks ago; she was dumped at a vet and was so skinny. But even through all the hurt and an operation, she is so cuddly and has a very friendly temperament.”

“Eventually we will get more, we’re just waiting for really friendly cats to pop up and then we will try them out here and see if they like the environment. Most of them do.”

Katie says the resident cats are all very friendly and love affection.

“Most of our cats were in the shelter for up to five years and they weren’t really getting much affection or attention, so they really love it here and love all the attention,” she says.

“When you walk in the room they all run to you for a pat. It’ll be five seconds and you’ll have a cat on your lap.”

Katie says none of the resident cats are up for adoption, but the café does have regular pop-up adoption days.

“Even though our resident cats aren’t up for adoption, we still want to help re-home surrendered cats,” she says.

“We are going to have kitten adoption days too, probably once a month with proceeds going to charity.”

If you do want to see and cuddle the cats at Lucky Cat Cafe, Katie says it’s best to book a spot. Who wouldn’t?

Lucky Cat Cafe is located at 16 St Kilda Place in Annerley. For more information or to book in for some cat therapy visit

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