RSPCA Qld is putting its paws into the dog training arena, officially launching RSPCA-branded dog training schools.

“We plan to gradually open schools across the State that carry the RSPCA brand and have our complete support,” says RSPCA Qld CEO Mark Townend.

“However, we aim to simply teach the basics that ensure the dog does not become a menace or irritant in the community. We’re not trying to compete with schools that offer advanced training or flyball.”

Every year, Mr Townend says, council pounds and RSPCA Care Centres are flooded with dogs that are dumped because of behavioural issues.

“If those issues were addressed right from the start the problem wouldn’t arise. We believe that basic training and socialisation of all dogs is crucial to enable them to live harmoniously with humans and each other in urban environments. Our eventual aim is to completely eliminate the need for euthanasia based on bad behavioural traits.”

Nicole Flanagan from Redcliffe operates one of five RSPCA-branded dog training schools that are now open across the state.

“I want to be able to help people make their dogs part of the family,” says Ms Flanagan. “We can help with advice and skills and how to get the family involved. We’d love to see no dogs ever have to go to the RSPCA or another rescue organization. We’d love to make them redundant.”

Mr Townend is encouraging anyone with an interest in running an RSPCA-branded dog school to contact the organisation.

“This a great business opportunity for anyone who’s a dog lover,” he says. “The RSPCA provides full and comprehensive training and will assist in marketing.”

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