Don’t let your beloved furry friend become a victim of heat stress this Summer. Follow our guide to keep them cool.

Last week alone, the RSPCA received 30 calls reporting dogs left in cars or unsheltered in a hot backyard. This is the type of situation which caused the death of one dog in Cairns just 10 days ago.

RSPCA Qld Spokesperson Michael Beatty has labelled the events “very, very frustrating.”

“Despite all the warnings people continue to forget or just ignore them. The media have been hugely cooperative in getting the message out there so we just can’t comprehend why we’re continuing to receive this number of reports,” Mr Beatty said.

The RSPCA has tested the dangers of hot cars by measuring the interior temperature of a light coloured sedan. On a thirty degree day, the inside of the car rose to 57 degrees in just 12 minutes. This would undoubtedly kill any animal left inside.

Even leaving your dog in the backyard without taking appropriate precautions can be just as dangerous. Mr Beatty continues; “a dog can survive for days without food, but in these temperatures, if they don’t have shade or can’t reach water they’ll die.”

So how can you protect your precious pet from the heat? Here are some tips we have from the RSPCA.

  • Make your backyard secure so that your dog does not have to be left on a rope or chain. This can become tangled and prevent them from reaching water or shade.
  • Leave at least two or three bowls of water out in case your dog accidentally knocks one (or two) over.
  • Don’t walk your dog in the hottest part of the day, they tend to overheat a lot more quickly than we do, and could die if they reach over 40 degrees.
  • If your dog has been affected by heat stress, it is imperative to get their temperature down immediately. Give them plenty of water and relocate them to a cooler area out of the sun straight away.

How are you keeping your pets safe from the sun and heat this summer? Let us know in the comments below!