Once again, we’ve been shown the dangers of believing life is like a Disney movie.

Heartrending Images of a group of Eastern Grey Kangaroos have been making the rounds of the internet for the past 24 hours, but the experts say all is not as it seems.

Queensland photographer Evan Switzer took the pics of a dying female kangaroo on a bushland property in River Heads yesterday morning, and described how her male companion cradled her head so she could see her joey one last time before she died.

“I saw the male pick up the female, he looked like he was just trying to get her up and see what was wrong with her,” Switzer told the Daily Mail. “He would lift her up and she wouldn’t stand she’d just fall to the ground, he’d nudge her, stand besides her… it was a pretty special thing, he was just mourning the loss of his mate.”

Australian Museum Principal Research Scientist Dr Mark Eldridge, however, says that the photographer’s interpretation of his images isn’t quite accurate.

“Great photos of the kangaroos, but I think they are fundamentally misinterpreted,” says Dr Eldridge, who believes the male kangaroo is actually in a state of sexual arousal.

“The male is clearly highly stressed and agitated, his forearms are very wet from him licking himself to cool down. He is also sexually aroused: the evidence is here sticking out from behind the scrotum (yes, in marsupials the penis is located behind the scrotum).”

Unfortunately, Dr Eldridge says it’s likely that the male kangaroo is not “propping up her head so she could see her joey before she died,” but rather, “this is a male trying to get a female to stand up so he can mate with her.”

So there you have it — everything you believe is wrong, and true love is a lie after all.

[Via Buzzfeed]