Think you’ve seen the most Australian animal story ever to exist? Not until you’ve seen this patriotic pair!

A baby brushtail possum was at death’s door after losing her mum in their natural habitat, but after being rescued by vet nurse Felicity Evans of Taronga Zoo, the orphaned mite found comfort in a rather unlikely companion.

When Felicity found the possum joey, one of the two that she’s currently caring for, she was suffering from dehydration and wandering sans mama possum. Evans took her to the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital, where she was treated, given the name of Bettina and treated to an inanimate friend, a fuzzy toy kangaroo.

The change in Bettina was dramatic. Evans observed her clinging to the toy and rarely letting go, not even while she ate and slept, which Evans believes is Bettina’s way of seeking the comfort and warmth she’d otherwise be getting from her mother. According to Nine News, she says that it’s a meagre substitute, but Bettina seems to be content:

“It’s not as fluffy and woolly as an adult brushtail possum, but she clings to it using her claws and teeth as she would do with mum in the wild.”

As adorable as the mismatched twosome are, its existence should be a resounding warning for motorists to look out for wildlife on the roads.

Evans elaborates: “These two joeys wouldn’t be alive today if someone hadn’t noticed them and brought them to the wildlife hospital”.

The wildlife hospital is keen to release Bettina as soon as she’s restored to full health. Whether her new friend will go with her remains to be seen…

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