It might be the best night of the year for us humans but spare a thought for your pets.

Riverfire is set to light up the night sky on Saturday with close to half a million people expected to cram Brisbane’s best vantage points, with many more tuning in on TV.

Many pets on the other hand won’t be having the time of their lives according to RSPCA Qld spokesman Michael Beatty.

“It’s likely that scores of animals will end up at our shelters or council pounds.”

“Often they will panic and end up on the road where of course they run the risk of being hit by cars. Sometimes they’re found kilometres from their homes,” he says.

His advice is to make sure your pet is secured in a familiar and comfortable environment such as inside the home or garage.

You’ll need to plan ahead for larger animals like horses.

“Horses should be securely stabled or removed to a location away from the fireworks,” Michael Beatty says.

Following these simple steps before you head out will save you the trouble of spending the rest of your weekend tracking down your pet.

It’s also a good time to make sure your pets have the right identification and are micro-chipped Michael Beatty says.

“It’s very hard to reunite pets with their owners if they don’t have identification that includes the owners’ telephone numbers.”