Two Brisbane boys with a penchant for long naps and snuggling are taking over the world from the comfort of their bed.

Superstar Staffies Darren and Phillip – also known as The Blueboys — have become Instagram sensations, racking up over 100,000 followers.

The boys live with their ‘parents’, Jennifer McLean and her fiancé Lachlan. Jennifer and Lachlan bought Darren from a breeder four years ago and adopted Phillip a year later, and the two dogs — both the runts of their litters — wasted no time forming an inseparable bond.

“Despite the bad rap the pit bull breeds have, I’ve always loved Staffies and I’ve always adored their happy and loving nature,” Jennifer says. “When we decided to get a dog, we both knew it would be a Staffy.

“We never intended to get another dog once we had Darren but he was very lonely and very stressed and suffered bad anxiety with all the usual symptoms — he was barking and chewing everything in sight, so we decided to get him a friend.

“Since the day Phillip came home, Darren became a different dog. He stopped chewing things — although he occasionally still sneaks off with our visitors’ shoes — and he stopped the barking and pining and became a very content and happy dog. He loved Phillip so much when they met and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

“I started taking photos of them because of the way they snuggle up together. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Before I had Instagram, I’d upload photos on Facebook of them nestled into each other and my family and friends would never believe they got into the positions they were in by themselves. The comments would always be, ‘OMG, how on EARTH did you get them to do that!’ or ‘What have you fed them to knock them out like that?’

“I never really intended on them becoming known for wearing pajamas but they really love wearing clothes. As soon as they are dressed in their pajamas they immediately want to snuggle. They will find a spot on the couch and bury their noses into one another and that’s it for a few hours. I think these two share a really special bond and it’s just so nice to be able to share it with the world.

“I buy most of their clothes from baby sections in department stores — they are so much cuter than dog clothes and fit them almost better than traditional dog attire! The shop attendants ask me who I’m buying for and I respond with, ‘Oh, just my dogs’. The looks I get are hysterical.”

The boys may share a bond, but Jennifer says they have very different personalities.

“Darren’s nickname is Captain Needy Pants because he lives for attention, always desperate for cuddles and his favourite shoulder and head massages. Darren would always pass up any food offerings for a cuddle. They are both amazing in front of a camera because they are both very calm — or lazy — but Darren is a much better model than Phillip because of his need for attention. As long as you’re paying him attention, he is more than happy to pose for the camera. Darren has an amazing, big, open-mouthed smile — I’ve never seen anything else like it, so the photos of him smiling always make the best ‘selfies’.

“Phillip’s nickname is the grocery ninja. He has stolen numerous amounts of groceries from the shopping before, and he’ll eat absolutely anything. I’ve never seen a dog eat raw spinach or raw broccoli or tomatoes, but Phillip will eat anything. He’s quite unlike Darren in the sense that he doesn’t depend on human attention and is quite happy entertaining himself. Phillip is very lazy and hates walking and running, whereas Darren will often run over 10 kilometres with my fiance Lachlan and still want to go for more.”

The boys have just released their 2016 calendar, which Jennifer is hoping will help spread a positive message about the breed.

“The sole purpose of the calendar is to show off the loving, silly, happy-go-lucky personality that this breed possesses. The calendar features our favourite photos of Darren and Phillip, which we hope will bring smiles to peoples’ faces every time they turn to a new month.

“This year the Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue of Western Australia will be receiving our donation, so they can continue to do the wonderful job they do rescuing and rehoming lots of beautiful Staffies and pit bulls. They are a non-profit and rely solely on donations to be able to operate. Last year we donated $2,500 to QLD Staffy Rescue from our calendars, but this year, given that we have a much larger following, we are hoping to raise the bar and donate much more.”

Jennifer says she never expected her boys to become global social media sensations, but they seem to be taking it in stride.

“We had no idea the world would love our babies as much as we do, but we are very grateful to share their daily antics with thousands of people who love our boys and Staffies in general. The boys are, of course, treating fame like anyone would — like total divas. They are demanding bacon for breakfast daily and belly rubs round the clock!”

Click through the photo gallery above to see The Blueboys in action!

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