A little English bulldog by the name of Bonsai is capturing the hearts of people around the world.

Bonsai, who is a rescue dog from Arkansas, was born with a combination of rare genetic disorders that severely affected his chances at a quality life.

He was born with caudal regression syndrome, sacrocaudal dysgenesis and spina bifida, and also has a condition called swimmer puppy syndrome which means he is unable to stand normally.

As a result, little Bonsai has half a spine, no functional pelvis and tiny contracted hind legs.


Image via Facebook

Last month, doctors determined his biggest issue was his hind legs so they both had to be amputated. His owner says the pup is recovering just fine after his surgery.

In fact, he’s doing very well!


Image via Facebook

This photo was taken just 16 hours after his surgery. What a trooper!

According to his owners Bonsai’s condition is the only known animal case in the world (the condition usually affects humans).

Bonsai has now been named the mascot of the International Sacral Agenesis/Caudal Regression Association and has a huge following.

The little pup also has an official slogan: “Half the bulldog, twice the love”. Nawww!

A Pet Caring fundraising account has been set up to help cover Bonsai’s medical expenses.

You can check out little Bonsai’s Facebook page here.