In purrrrfect news for feline lovers, Brisbane will soon be home to the Cat Cuddle Café.

The Cat Cuddle Café is set to open on Musgrave Road in Red Hill in July, allowing customers to cuddle rescue cats while they enjoy a coffee.

One of the ladies’ behind the idea is Katina Balson, who told ABC news the purpose of the café was to allow people to get their cat fix.

“The idea has been on the drawing board for quite a while,” she said. “People will get the chance to have their cat therapy and the cats can be looked at and possibly find a home.”

Ms Balson is part of an animal support network and owns a charity shop just down the road from the soon-to-be-café, which helps to re-home cats across Brisbane.

She has also started a crowd funding page in order to raise funds for the Cat Cuddle Café, with the aim of raising $80,000 to help with the lease, rent, legal costs, an outdoor enclosure, walkways and garden setting.

You may have heard about these sorts of cafes in Japan, where the cats can roam free while you eat your meal. However, in Australia there are some very strict rules associated with running a cat café.

“We are very restricted because of food laws in Australia,” Ms Balson said.

Mrs Balson confirmed that the café will not be able to serve food, or coffees inside the building. However, keen cat lovers will be able to take their coffees inside the building and enjoy some feline bonding time.

What do you think about Brisbane getting a cat cafe? Will you go?