Barnaby Joyce has already been roasted in the Australian media for his hardline stance on Johnny Depp’s dogs, and now the rest of the world is sinking the boot in.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver — a surprisingly keen observer of Australian politics — has aired a six-minute segment on Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce’s ‘War On Terrier’. Joyce made headlines last week when he threatened to put down actor Johnny Depp’s dogs, Pistol and Boo, because they had entered Australia illegally.

“It’s time that Pistol and Boo buggered off back to the United States,” he told reporters. “Now Mr Depp has to either take his dogs back to California or we’re going to have to euthanise them. He’s got about 50 hours left to remove the dogs.”

In the end, the dogs were flown back to the United States.

John Oliver begins his segment by applauding Joyce’s “ballsy” stance (“elected officials very rarely risk openly telling puppies to go f**k themselves,” he notes), before airing his own ultimatum for Australia on behalf of America — “50 hours to get everything Australian out of our country or else”.

The offending items include Vegemite, Midnight Oil, Silverchair, Fosters and Mel Gibson, but not Hugh Jackman, because “he’s delightful”.

Finally, Oliver’s segment features a koala at the Los Angeles Zoo framed in gun sights, along with the following threat: “You now have 49 hours and 59 minutes to get him out of here or we’ll shoot him in his adorable face.”

Oliver has long had a soft spot for Australia. His sister lives in Melbourne, and he has previously produced segments on Tony Abbott and Australian gun control legislation.

Oliver will be in the country for stand-up shows in Melbourne and Sydney in August.