RSPCA urges holiday-makers to register their pet’s details in case of an emergency.

It’s the holidays again, and RSPCA are awaiting the dozens of calls they receive each holiday about abandoned animals.

In most cases, the animals actually have had someone looking after them, but the neighbours aren’t notified who then report the problem to the RSPCA.

RSPCA’s Home Alone service has been put in place to help alleviate the burden on inspectors who are constantly being called to investigate possible cases of neglect and cruelty during holiday periods.

With Home Alone people can register their pet on the website and leave the name and contact details of the people taking care of the animal so RSPCA knows whom to contact in an emergency.

You can register your details by either calling the call centre on 3426 9999 or by heading to the RSPCA’s website.