A traumatic experience has left this Brisbane cat in desperate need of surgery. Can you help?

Thomas the cat was found sick and alone during the Christmas holidays, his body covered in multiple abscesses from being left to fend for himself on the streets of Caboolture.

He was rescued by Talitha Kalago, who saw to it that he was desexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and given a course of antibiotics, but he is still in need of medical attention.

“It was just after Christmas and I arrived home to see him running frantically from door to door,” Kalago says. “I followed him and tried to catch him, but he ran down a drain. I guessed from the empty house a few doors up that he had been dumped, so I kept putting out food.

“When I got home one evening he was sitting on the front mat, waiting to be fed. I hadn’t actually seen him in a few weeks, but now he had a bad fever, was covered in abscesses and could barely walk. He was very sick. So catching him and getting him to the vet was a huge priority all of a sudden.

“He needs surgery to have his broken teeth removed, as the nerve is exposed and it’s very painful for him. I also need to vaccinate my cats against feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) so he can’t infect them.”

In order to fund the surgery, Kalago has started a Go Fund Me fundraising page to raise money for the surgery. Many Brisbane residents who have been touched by Thomas’ story have already opened their wallets.

“I simply can’t afford the surgery right now, and it’s horrible seeing him in such discomfort,” she says. “Thomas is only a young cat, despite being injured and scared he never hisses or scratches. He loves pats. He’s very trusting, even though his last owners just moved out and abandoned him on the street without food, water or shelter.

“We’ve just hit $500. I’m thrilled we have such a supportive community. Just another $2500 to go.

“Caboolture has this huge reputation for a high rate of cruelty to animals and crimes against animals. All of my pets were dumped or strays at some point, though he’s the only one I’ve picked up since moving here.”

While she cares for Thomas, Kalago urges Brisbane pet owners to work together to stop the spread of FIV.

“Don’t leave your cats out at night,” she says. “There are lots of FIV-positive cats around and the virus is spread by bites from fighting. Even desexed cats will get FIV if they are left out at night.

“And if you have a FIV-positive cat, keep it inside so it can’t spread the virus to unvaccinated felines.”

You can contribute to Thomas’ care by visiting his Go Fund Me page. 

If you see an animal in distress please call the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (264 625).