Is playing dress-ups with your pets kind or cruel?

One of the biggest trends in the pet world currently is dressing your pet in fashionable outfits including coats, hoodies, onesies, dresses, hats and even socks.

Originally pets were dressed for the weather, predominately to protect from the cold and wet — especially if it was an outdoor pet. This has since evolved in a much more fashion-focused direction with pet owners taking things to another level regardless of the weather.

If you’re ready to venture down this track, there are so many options to choose from and the plethora of online stores makes shopping a breeze.

Online boutiques such as Paws Point, Puppy Outfitters or Best Dressed Pets offer pet clothing in all shapes, styles, colours and fabrics.

It’s important to note that animals are naturally insulated and as Brisbane doesn’t experience extreme weather, there isn’t a huge need for protection against the elements. Of course, if your pet has been clipped or shaved, then they made appreciate some extra layers of warmth.

As all pet owners would know, the animal itself will probably be very vocal if they are not in favour of wearing an outfit. So have fun with your pets but make sure their comfort and care comes first… before fashion and funny photos.